How to Estimate the Age of a Vintage Postcard

How to Estimate the Age of a Vintage Postcard

We do shows around the U. Check out our show schedule and come to see us when we are in your area:. All of our regular shows have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Check back later to see when we will be back on the Postcard Show trail again. Pioneer Era The world’s first picture postcards date from the s to the mids, but most of the earliest picture postcards in the U. These pictures were printed on government postal cards which included a printed 1-cent stamp. Messages were not permitted on the address side of the cards. The Pioneer Era of postcards ended by July 1, Messages were still not permitted on the address side of the card.

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Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on their backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher. If you can identify the paper manufacturer, you can approximate the age of the old postcard. If the postcard has a stamp box, click on one of stamp box links below. If there is no stamp box, or a generic stamp box, go to Postcards Backs.

All entries on one page may be slow to load. Real Photo Postcards are photographs that are reproduced by actually developing them onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back.

Discover how much your item could be worth in the ultimate postcard grading guide If it is an early undivided back postcard, writing may appear on the front.

Click Banner Below to go to USpostcards. Our Web Sites use different shopping carts and have to be ordered separately. The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately determined if the card is studied for identity points. Research has already been done by earlier historians and guidelines have been put into place. There were seven eras for the postcard industry and each one has distinguishing points to help establish its respective identity.

The following helps determine the era of the card in question. The Pioneer Era began when picture postcards were placed on sale by vendors and exhibitors at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago, May These were very popular and proved to be a great success.

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We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could and can! Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant ‘postcard rate’ of the period. Multiples of lower value stamps were often used, as were stamps higher than the required amount. Prior to this date – pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as ‘Postal Stationery’ The size of cards varied throughout this period.

Great Britain was the first country to sanction the use of the divided back postcard in Other countries followed in the years afterwards.

The Riverside Public Library’s Postcard Collection consists of over postcards and includes, in addition to Postcards with a divided back were permitted on 1 March The cards date from the late 19th century to the present.

The value of old postcards is affected by many variable factors, but demand, condition and rarity often have the greatest influence on how much a postcard’s worth. As experienced valuers of collectables, our experts are often asked: How do I value my vintage and old postcards? Unless you have years of experience, the short answer is with difficulty. Even then, assessing the value of a postcard collection can be a timely process. There is, of course, no reason why you cannot gain an impression of a collection’s value – and this article aims to guide you through the steps you must take to do so.

Hopefully, it will help you to assess postcards in a more detailed manner.

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Although Heinrich von Stephan — , the Prussian later Imperial German Minister of Posts, had proposed something similar in , his idea was stillborn, and in both the North German Federation and Great Britain issued official, reduced-rate cards on the Austrian model. In , Canada and six European countries issued their first official cards, and by many other countries, including the United States, had followed suit.

In the U. An early advertisement for Kodak cameras.

While we do not have picture envelopes that date from this time period, this The Divided Back Period is also known as the “Golden Age of Postcards,” due to​.

Postcards have a serious and dedicated following of collectors. Vintage postcards, in particular, offer a unique glimpse of the past. The hobby of collecting postcards is so popular that it even has its own word: deltiology , the study and collection of postcards. Postcards as we know them today took a while to develop and had several different stages. The many different manifestations of postcards make it relatively simple to categorize postcards into various eras.

The history of the postcard started in , with a US Congressional Act that allowed the mailing of privately printed cards weighing less than an ounce. Until , postcards were primarily printed by two men: first John P. Charlton and then Hyman L. In , new legislation made private postcards more expensive to mail 2 cents up from 1 cent and prioritized government-issued cards.

Unlike modern cards featuring images, many Private Mailing Cards were blank on one side. This allowed the sender to include a message, because the other side was exclusively for an address see note in image below. In late , Congress passed legislation that allowed private printers to call their cards Post Cards instead of including the long and cumbersome phrase from the Private Mailing Cards. During this time, pictures started to appear on postcards, but the address was still the only thing allowed on the other side of the card.

History of Postcards in the UK (potted version!)

People often find themselves in possession of an old postcard and want to know how old it is. If the postcard is used, the most obvious solution is to check the date on the postmark. However, there are many vintage postcards out there that were never mailed, so here are some clues to determining the age of your post card. These are general guidelines. There are exceptions to most of these rules, but these guidelines will give you a general idea of how old your postcard is.

Viewed from the front, this Undivided Back scene of Tampa, Florida. with Of course, there are other clues to dating postcards—like postmarks.

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Learn how to enable cookies. The Correspondenz-Karte , as it was initially called, was just a brown rectangle of paper with space for the address and postage on one side, and a short message on the back.

How to Identify and Date Postcards

A real photo postcard is a postcard with a genuine photographic image on one side. Real photo postcards were used for a variety of purposes. Most were the equivalent of family photographs intended to be given to relatives or friends or to be put in the family album.

Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle’s. onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back.

Some of the postcards in this collection have been sent in the post and are relatively easy to identify and date. Back side of typical postcard:divided into 2 sides:left hand side for message and right hand side for address with postage rates printed on the square reserved for the stamp. Only after can postcards contain a written message, as no messages were allowed on the back of the card, only details of the address to which they were being sent. The information provided on the card by the manufacturer is always prominent and with a little bit of research it should be possible to establish the period the manufacturer was in business.

A postcard picture itself can be revealing. Buildings, streets layout contemporary detail etc. Filter result by type: Articles Images Media. Postcard back of Back side of typical postcard:divided into 2 sides:left hand side for message and right hand side for address with postage rates printed on the square reserved for the stamp.

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Greetings from the Past: Identifying and dating postcards

I have been collecting postcards all my life as my father did before me. I now have many thousands of them, both vintage and modern. Postcard collecting can be a fascinating hobby, as I have found out over the years. The earliest cards date from the midth century and have a very well-documented history.

Pioneer Era. Private Mailing. Golden Age. Undivided Back. Divided Back. Real Photo. ‘s.

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